Scalpi + Tea Tree Shampoo + Gromedi Scalp Toner


Scalpi 8 oz

 It is a refreshing and invigorating scalp cleansing cream that gently removes oxidized oil and dirt on the scalp. Helps activate micro-circulation in the scalp to promote hair growth.


Enfanti Tea Tree Shampoo 8 oz

It provides long lasting relief from itching and flaking, while stimulating the scalp to promote healthy hair growth


Gromedi Scalp Toner 4.2 oz

It is a specially formulated hair tonic with abundant antioxidant properties such as Goji Berries, Green Tea, and Grape Seed extract to restore your scalp. Stimulates your hairs natural metabolic process and works to strengthen and thicken your hair and helps to prevent hair loss. 

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