Enfanti Leave-in Treatment Spray 5 oz


It is a very lightweight treatment that restores, protects and shines. Enhances vibrancy and adds a mist of brilliance with thermal and color protection. It leaves your hair shiny, de-tangled, and manageable.


Enfanti Leave-in Treatment is a very lightweight conditioning spray treatment that repairs, detangles and moisturizes hair. It provides all of the essential vitamins and proteins hair needs to be healthy and flexible. 


  • Provides high level protection from heat damage
  • Seals in hair cuticles by creating a protective layer to protect from thermal heat 
  • Effectively shields your hair from thermal heat when using hot styling tools
  • Locks in color and enhances vibrancy
  • Thermal, UV and Color protection
  • Leaves hair shiny and manageable


Key ingredients in Enfanti Leave-in Treatment include cetrimonium bromide, quaternium-91 and panthenol. Cetrimonium bromide is a shine inducing conditioning agent while quaternium-91 is a conditioner that leaves hair feeling soft and manageable.

Enfanti Leave-in Treatment is also abundant in panthenol, which enhances the appearance and feel of hair, by increasing body, suppleness, and sheen. A natural hydrating form of pro-vitamin B, panthenol softens and strengths hair by filling in cracks on the hair shaft, which in turn helps to add body and keeps split ends from forming. It also helps improve the texture of hair that has been physically or chemically damaged.

After shampooing, apply Enfanti Leave-in Treatment onto towel-dried hair and then style as desired. Before using heated styling tools, use Leave-in Treatment to protect from thermal heat damage. 

Available in 5 oz size



After shampooing, apply Enfanti Leave-in Treatment onto towel-dried hair and then style as desired. May also be used during styling to keep hair static free and fly away free or when under sun for a long period of time to re-hydrate hair.


Panthenol - a natural hydrating form of vitamin B which is a humectant (substance that helps hair attract and retain moisture). Adds strength and body to hair by filling in cracks on the hair shaft. 

Cetrimonium Bromide – a conditioning agent that prevents static build up on hair keeping your hair smooth and soft.

Quaternium-91- effective deep conditioning agent that softens hair and protects color, exceptional detangling and deep conditioning. 

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