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Enfanti MAXX Hair Strengthening Treatment

Enfanti MAXX Hair Strengthening Treatment is a plant cellulose (substance that makes up most of plant’s cell walls), which permeates deep into the core of the hair fibers to strengthen hair while improving the texture. In addition to prolonging hair life, it increases and maintains elasticity and shine. 

Enfanti MAXX Hair Strengthening Treatment is ideal to mix with perm, bleach or hair color solutions to help reduce odors and prevent and repair chemical damage. It does not affect the outcome of the hair treatments. Panthenol, a natural hydrating form of pro-vitamin B, softens and strengths hair by filling in cracks on the hair shaft, which in turn helps to add body and keeps split ends from forming. 

Available in a 13 ml pillow pack as well as in 2 oz and 16 oz sizes 


A small amount of Enfanti MAXX Hair Strengthening Treatment can be mixed in with hair color, bleach or perm solutions prior to application. It can also be worked into shampoos and conditioners for a light daily treatment or applied directly onto wet or dry hair for more intense treatment.

Key Ingredients

Panthenol - a natural, hydrating form of vitamin B Complex that adds strength and body to hair by filling in cracks on the hair shaft. Has remarkable absorption properties making it an excellent ingredient to improve damaged hair, reduce split ends, and adding shine and texture to hair. 

Phytantriol - helps retain the moisture of hair by reducing the loss of water from the hair. 

Increases the penetration of Panthenol and amino acids into the hair shaft. Adds gloss and reduces split ends. Adds thermal protection and UV filters.