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Enfanti Pequi Body Lotion is specially formulated with pequi and other botanical extracts that calm and soothe skin. It significantly renews skin’s surface, helps replenish the natural moisturizing factors and prevents future dryness.

This light, non-greasy lotion uses various micro-hydrating technologies to deliver moisturizing properties into the skin. Microscopic nano-ingredients enter skin pores, absorbing quickly to allow hydrating properties to penetrate deep. The nano-ingredients range in various sizes to be deposited in different layers of the skin. For example, the epidermis alone has several layers, and below the epidermis is the dermis. It normalizes skin’s moisturizing factors, prevents loss of moisture and provides all day moisturizing to soften and silken skin.

Most importantly, Bioken, Inc. uses a special vacuum mixer to blend all the botanical ingredients in the Pequi Body Lotion. As a result of this process, all the air molecules are eliminated and we are left with a dense, concentrated, nutrient packed silky cream. This sets us apart from most other companies who use a regular open chamber mixer to blend their body lotion ingredients, where the end products results in air filled cream.

In addition to pequi, a fruit from the Brazilian pequi tree that is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E, Pequi Body Lotion also contains many other natural ingredients. Shea butter and jojoba seed oil work as conditioning agents while morus alba root extract and grape seed oil are natural antioxidants. Camillia sinusis leaf extract has antibacterial activity and chamomilla recutita flower extract reduces inflammation, irritation and skin redness. It also promotes granulation and skin cell regeneration.

Available in 8oz and 32oz sizes 


For smooth, supple skin, apply Pequi Body Lotion as often as desired over entire body.

Key Ingredients

Pequi - fruit from the Pequi tree growing in central Brazil. Outer layer is green, but the insides are yellowy orange. Pequi is very rich in Vitamins A and E consisting of a blend of essential fatty acids. Very effective for treating dry skin and other skin problems such as: eczema (chronic skin disorder/scaly and itchy rashes), psoriasis (common skin condition/redness/irritation), cracked skin (severe dryness). It has excellent natural moisturizing abilities and reduces skin inflammation.

Shea Butter - a conditioning agent that restores hair to its youthful condition. Brings moisture to dry and damaged hair reaching from the roots to the ends. Protects from weather damage, dryness, and brittleness. 

Jojoba Oil - from a perennial woody shrub grown primarily in the desert regions of southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico. Antimicrobial properties prevent growth of bacteria that attack the skin. Closely resembles skins natural sebum which keeps it hydrated and shields from environmental pollutants. Helps treat acne by reducing sebum production and protecting skin from bacteria. Contains vitamin E and B complex vitamins.