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BIOKEN Triple Balancing Action can revitalize, nourish, rejuvenate your hair!

Every body wants to have healthy hair. In order to keep hair healthy & beautiful, we must protect and provide it with proper care and maintain its balance naturally. BIOKEN do just that!

We keep the most precious thing in a very secret and secluded place. BIOKEN means to keep the BIO properties that are precious to hair & scalp in secret place(KEN).

As BIOKEN name implies, it is formulated with natural antibiotic propolis, abundant natural herbs, and full vitamins to nourish and energize the scalp to help producing stronger hair. Moreover special delivery system that helps to penetrate to hair and scalp more effectively make it perfect.---“Triple Balancing Action”---

Bee Propolis is a Nature’s Preventive Medicine that is full of bioflavonoid, mineral, vitamins and amino acid that are essential for healthy hairs and scalps. Bioflavonoid is an antibiotic, antivirus, antiseptic and antioxidant properties that encourages to healthy hair growth, protects, and prevents hair loss.

From the ancient times Indians use Natural Herbs for hair loss and healthy hair growth.

They have their secret methods for hair loss. BIOKEN is full of natural herbs like: nettle, chamomile, calendula, green tea and gualana that are active ingredients for healthy hair and re-growth.

A Full Vitamins in BIOKEN includes retinol, tocopherol, vitamin C, and B complex which helps rejuvenate and restore hair and scalp. Those three active factors absorbs very quickly and penetrates deeply into the skin by BIOKEN’s breakthrough technology.